Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Real Success Story of Microservices Architectures

We hear the benefits of microservices architectures loud and clear; we hear the constant drum beat of how/why/by all means/etc you should be doing microservices; we know companies such as Amazon, Netflix and Gilt have successful microservices architectures.

However, as I’ve touched on in my blog post titled You’re not going to do microservices, getting microservices right – and being able to add your company or organization to the list of success stories – is difficult. Just deciding to use Dropwizard/SpringBoot/WildflySwarm/flat classloader/Docker etc doesn’t mean you’re doing microservices. In fact, prematurely breaking your apps/services down into smaller services has significant tradeoffs and could lead to a SOA on steroids disaster. Even the venerable Martin Fowler agrees with me.

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