Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Building a Rancher Container Service on Mesos

Hi, I’m Sidhartha Mani, one of the engineers here at Rancher Labs. Over the last few months I’ve been working with Apache Mesos, an open source resource manager and scheduler, which can be used to deploy workloads on infrastructure. Mesos is very good at understanding resources and capacity management, but for more advanced workload or container management, many users choose a framework such as Marathon. Frameworks provide capabilities like load balancing, service discovery, rolling upgrades, application composability, continuous deployment and others.

A number of Rancher’s community members who are also using Mesos have felt the need for a system that combines the fault tolerance, and scheduling capabilities of Mesos with the multi-tenant, private container service capabilities provided by Rancher. One community user, Marcel Neuhausler from AT&T Foundry, took the initiative to chart a broad design and envisioned a workflow for such an integration. He had a very interesting insight to combine Mesos’ ability to schedule VMs with Rancher’s ability to then manage those VMs and deploy containers on them. He wrote a Mesos framework for Rancher on Mesos, which proved to be a great starting point for writing the framework I’m going to talk about today.

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