Wednesday, September 9, 2015

50,000 new users in day; How we built a product from scratch to handle scale

The 18th of September, 2013, started off like any other day. Soundwave was now live for two months. Technically we had a flawless launch. Of course there were UI bugs and features that needed improving but from an architecture point of view it was a home run. We knew iOS7 was going live that day and we were ready. We were so confident in Apple’s new OS that we had rebuilt our iOS app solely for iOS7,dropping iOS6 fully in the process. Ballzy move. iOS7’s UI was such a drastic change we placed a bet on a massive early uptake. The bet paid off (thanks @bboyle18).

Excited by the release of our new iOS7 build we all had gathered in the office. Apples release was in the evening (Irish time) so work had ceased for the day. We had our Data Dog dashboards (@datadog) up and running as we patiently waited.

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