Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Zuul 2 : The Netflix Journey to Asynchronous, Non-Blocking Systems

We recently made a major architectural change to Zuul, our cloud gateway. Did anyone even notice!? Probably not... Zuul 2 does the same thing that its predecessor did -- acting as the front door to Netflix’s server infrastructure, handling traffic from all Netflix users around the world. It also routes requests, supports developers’ testing and debugging, provides deep insight into our overall service health, protects Netflix from attacks, and channels traffic to other cloud regions when an AWS region is in trouble. The major architectural difference between Zuul 2 and the original is that Zuul 2 is running on an asynchronous and non-blocking framework, using Netty. After running in production for the last several months, the primary advantage (one that we expected when embarking on this work) is that it provides the capability for devices and web browsers to have persistent connections back to Netflix at Netflix scale.

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